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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Watchout When You're On the Top -Tasia

Today I read about Aris, an Indonesian Idol no. 5. He used to busk in the train station between Jakarta - Bogor. Not many people knew him, for that was a lowly job.

Somehow he participated in the Indonesian Idol, that eliminated thousands of wanna-be stars. He ended up being the star!

His life changes dramatically. He lives in an expensive apartment, his name is printed on the media, he has glamorous appearance like other singers, now everyone knows him. He is on the top of the world!

Yet in the middle of his fame, his wife notices something. Aris has changed. According to her (Fani is her name), he has an affair with another woman. He rarely comes home to see her & his son. Fani has some proofs that he does an affair. Everytime she asks him who that woman is, he would say:"She is none, just a uni student."

So Fani decided to divorce him for that. She has to work now to cope the family's needs.

I draw a lesson from this life's story.

Many people want to be on the top instantly. High position, lots of money, wealthy life, famous, and the list goes on. But to reach that stage, do they know how much the costs that consume them?

For example, a fish seller (a lowly job) dreams to be a president. He thinks it's a piece of cake to govern a country. He thinks it would change his life & luck. But the question is, does he have that mentality that will make him a president? Does he have that character that will sustain him when he's on top?

If your mentality is a fish seller mentality, no matter how high God takes you, you will still end up as a fish seller. You will think like one, speak like one & act like one.

That's why with Jesus we will go through a process. He wants to prepare us to a higher place, so that when we reach that place, we will not slip away easily. He moulds our characters & mentality.

The moral of the story is:

Don't desire to reach the top instantly without being prepared in your characters.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On Mark's Exam Day - Tasia

Yesterday 4 May 2009, Mark had to sit for his CPA exam. He had to be in the Perth Convention Centre by 9 am. We woke up earlier & I helped him with the breakfast & coffee to make his day.

I also told him that I would like to go with him while he's doing his exam. I could go to the city & find my own way to spend the time there.

We left the house at 8 am & traffic wasn't that bad. Somehow we missed the place about 8.40 am, which meant we had to make a u-turn to get to Convention Centre (CC). Mark's heart pumped harder..

Thank God, the moment we made u-turn, we were directed to the right lane & reached CC at 8.50! Phew! We didn't want to arrive there on 9 am, because Mark had to walk to CC from the parking spot.

I ended up getting the car & driving it to the city & parked there. The parking spot that we stopped was a 1-hour parking ticket.

Well..eventhough I have my driving license, it was really my first time driving car alone in the city & I wasn't confident about the streets. We had TomTom in the car that could help me with the directions. Anyway, I had no problem parking in the city. So I just strolled around in Myer, Borders & bought a scoop of ice cream. I used a buy-one-free-one voucher, so I got 2 scoops of ice cream.

The seller was kind. He gave me another voucher for next time! Well..that was a blessing.

After almost 3 hours less 5 minutes :) I got back to the carpark & decided to drive all the back to the CC (it was for 1. Less money parking & 2. Mark didn't have to walk all the way to the city to see me). Now I got confused how to get back to this morning's parking spot. I used Tomtom to direct me & somehow in St George's St it asked me to make a U-turn. But the street didn't allow me to make a U-turn.

I just prayed & decided to make a right-turn & it brought me at the end to Mt Bay's Road, which the parking spot lied! Phew! Praise God He directed my path.

I parked there & noticed that I still had to pay for that 1 hour parking. I just popped out from the car to the ticket machine & one officer asked me where the parking ticket was. I told him that I just came. So he walked off.

I realised that the ticket machine was out of order. Well..I had to walk to another ticket machine then. That officer saw me again & he was so nice. Looking at me having a big bump, he asked me :"Are you checking for your bub?" I told him that the ticket machine was broken & he just asked me to hang on & printed something from a tool in his hand.


He told me that he didn't want me go to to far just to pay for the parking. He didn't even ask me to pay him..I was so happy, so blessed, though just for $2.7 parking ticket. I just thanked him & waited for Mark in the car. That was good, it was a small thing but I saw God's favour.

God is interesting. Many times we miss to see those small things in life. He works & brings joy even in a simple way. Thank you Jesus. You're amazing.