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Saturday, January 23, 2010

When Competition Becomes Insecurity

Recently, I notice that some people doing the same cake business like I do. I also notice that some friends doing other businesses. On the surface, they all "look" like going well...even though behind the scene they may not.

Then I begin to compare myself with them. I have done my part, I make business cards, I update my website from time to time, I give away brochures, I pray, etc. Yet I haven't got much responses from the people. I thought what went wrong. Why other businesses were more ongoing? The insecure feeling crept into my heart & I became panic!!

I asked God,"why Lord?What is it that I missed?" It'd been weeks I felt this. No peace. Just insecurity. The more I look to the others, the more I get upset. I'm not less better than they are...

Last night, after I talked about somebody with my husband (sort of degrading that person), he scolded me for being busybody about other's business. I knew that he would do that...anyway, I regretted doing that. He was right. I just prayed for forgiveness & asked God to reveal what I felt.

The answer just came straightaway while I was lying on the bed. God revealed to me few things:
  1. When doing something, don't do it for the sake of customers. Do it for God. Everything comes from Him, by Him & for Him (Col 1: 16). I realised that so far I have been making cakes for the sake of customers' satisfaction, but I haven't done it to please the Lord. I do pray for the cakes so that the customers are blessed with the performance & taste. I also pray for guidance when making cakes. But I missed this point.
  2. I have a 6-month-old baby. He is still too young & needs extra attention. Our prayer has always been that God would be glorified through him. God would use him throughout his life. That means we have to invest time with him teaching what the Bible says. If at the moment I have to handle cake orders that are so time-consuming that I have to work almost everyday, then who'll pay attention to Austin? I would be too busy to do that. Husband works from Mon-Fri. When I look back in the future, I would definitely regret that I had missed this season. Austin is precious, because he has soul. That lasts forever. My passion & achievement of making cakes will only last on earth. I wouldn't take it to heaven.
I'm in a different situation compared with those people. Most of them are single/married without child. Even if they have kids, they are not babies anymore.

So, I summed up that this is God's portion for me for this season. It's good before Him. I don't have to chase the blessings. They will come in God's time.

Thank you Lord. You know what's best for me.