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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Newborn Baby - Tasia

My article before (The Life That I'm Living For) re. my pregnancy was interesting. I went to have ultrasound & the lady said that the baby was in transverse position. When I went to have my womb checked at doctor's place, the baby was head down.

So he asked me to have a wait for another 1 week & he would examine me whether or not I had to do C-section.

I still wanted the baby to be born naturally, because I knew after C-section I had to bear stitches pain, couldn't go for exercise for at least 6 weeks, couldn't do chores, etc.

So my husband & I prayed together hoping that natural delivery would be possible.

One week later we went back to the doctor & he examined me. Well...I had to have C-section because the baby's head was to high from my pelvic. The doctor chose a date (29 June) at 8am to do the operation.

I was disappointed because it didn't turn out as I hoped. But I still believed that God had a plan behind the scene.

So the baby was born on Monday, 29 June 2009. His name is Austin Yoel Duchesne. His weight was 3.7 kg (huge bub), length was 52 cm & head circumference was 38 cm. No wonder I couldn't deliver him naturally...his head was too big to go down! Normal size is 35 cm.

3 weeks after delivery, my family came over for the baby. And eventhough they drove me nuts, the positive side was that I didn't have to do chores. The first 3 weeks my mum (who came earlier) did the chores & I rested a lot. Thank God for mother. I couldn't imagine how it would be had I have to do everything myself. I could be depressed :)

God was good & He is always good. All the time...