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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Faith That Condemns The World - Tasia

Today I read from Genesis 6-7, the story of Noah.

God commanded him to build an ark in preparation to the great flood that God would send to the earth due to human's sins that was so great.
God only saved Noah & his family (wife, 3 sons & sons' wives) because Noah walked with God. In Genesis 6 v 9 it says:

"...Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God."

"Just" here means Noah's actions toward other men & "perfect" here means sound, wholesome, having integrity (the Hebrew word is tamim, this word was used to describe the perfection of sacrificial animals). So Noah was actually a balanced man. He got great relationship with God as well as men.

During Noah's ark-construction period, I can imagine how other people would look at him & considered him insane. I read before that it took him about 100 years to construct the ark (The Bible doesn't mention how long).

At that time, everything seemed fine. People had marriages, parties, bought & sold normal, until the day that God sent rain from heaven. These sinful people were overtaken. They could run to nowhere. Rain poured down for 40 days & 40 nights. They died in their sins.

I pondered for a while when thinking of Noah's faith. It took faith for him to believe what God told him His plan to destroy the earth. But because Noah walked with God, he knew God & thus he trusted Him. He obeyed the Lord by his action eventhough he hadn't seen that great flood yet.

I learnt some points about this:
  1. It is easier to believe/obey God when my physical eyes see things. It is harder to obey when I don't see things. That's true, isn't that? Because we get used to see things that are seen than unseen.
    That's why it takes faith because there is a reward behind it.
  2. Our relationship with God makes us know Him. Our experience of walking with Him enables us to trust Him.

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